How to use Clarius for a FAST Exam

Wireless transducer 
Use adaptors for superfical and cardiac examination 

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Young man with RUQ pain

Young foreign man complained RUQ pain.
Localized guarding noted on RUQ region.

Echo finding:
1. Swollen appendix with echogenic contents from RLQ to RUQ
2. Appendicolith with acoustic shadow
3. Echogenic fat surrounding the swollen appendix

Scanning tips
 1. RLQ transverse scan to identify landmarks: iliac crest, iliopsoas muscle and iliac vessels
 2. Transverse scan upward to liver and downward to pelvis along right side abdomen
 3. Move transducer laterally to avoid colon gas
 4. Clockwise rotate your transducer for longitudinal scan

Alveolar abscess

This patient had facial cellulitis.
Role of POCUS: find occult abscess

Hypoechoic collection
around alveolar bone with associated
soft tissue swelling and increased blood flow signals
c/w alveolar abscess

SEMS 2018

Theme:  “Transforming Emergency Medicine Practice Today”

SEMS: Society for Emergency Medicine in Singapore
Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM): 27th & 28th January 2018
Location: Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

It’s my honor to be part of this conference.
In addition to the fantastic main program, you may also join education programs in pre-conference workshops and post-conference workshops.

See you in
Pediatric Emergency POCUS Workshop
AACES Ultrasound Life Support
AACES Lung Ultrasound Course

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