Echoscopy (EFSUMB)

1. Echoscopy with any marketed ultrasound scanner, pocket size ones included

only one answer, usually in the terms of yes or no, is required to solve a specific clinical question. The answer can be reported in the clinical journal of the patients as an extension of the physical examination and does not require a full report, provided that it is specified that the exam was an Echoscopy performed bedside

2. Point of care ultrasound

ultrasonography performed bedside and interpreted directly by the clinician

3. Comprehensive advanced ultrasound with high-end equipment, moved on wheels to the bedside.

an assessment of the region related to the suspected disease is performed to search for pathology, usually assessing more than one organ (e. g. various abdominal organs, or assessment of the thorax, or the neck, etc). A full report of the examination is always required and images of all examined organs are normally collected

Echoscopy applications

Birth of „Echoscopy“–
The EFSUMB Point of View


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